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Judy Strauss

Judy Strauss, Ph.D., is a Gong Master, Reiki Master and Sound Healer. She learned to play the gongs from Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux and the Himalayan Bowls from Mitch Nur, Ph.D. of the 9ways Academia. Judy is a member of Jonathan Goldman’s U.S. Sound Healer’s Association. She received her Reiki Master attunement from William Rand, and puts Reiki energy into the gong before playing so that it will go with the vibrations to those receiving them. She plays the gong, Himalayan bowls, and other spiritual instruments with loving intention.

In a parallel life, Judy is a Professor Emeritus in the Business School at the University of Nevada, Reno. For more information on her books, extensive world travel, art and more see

Judy’s Path to Bliss
Now for the stuff that is not on a resume. After a lifetime of workaholism and hard living as a single mom and perfectionist, I had a small physical crash from stress, worry, and overwork. In 2006 I began a path to emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. I dropped the unhealthy eating and thinking habits, dedicated more time to friends and family and began to live in the present with a renewed joy for life. I am grateful for the many teachers who helped me on this journey, especially my sisters and my two wonderful daughters.

Today I am peaceful, feel a loving connection with everyone, animal and plant on this planet and have a spiritual practice of my own design. The gongs and Himalayan bowls keep me in a blissful state. I am lost in boundless joy when I play for myself and others. I hope I can share this with you. Read on...


Ultimate peace and happiness are about being fully present in the moment with peace and joy. If only we could return to our former three year old selves, where we were in physical balance, where we saw everything with fresh and open minds and hearts, and where we experienced each moment as it happened. Now that we have fallen off our tricycles a few times in this life, we have learned to expect and fear rocks in our road. We watch for them and don’t always see the beauty and love on our path.

You can experience bliss right now by following this three step process.

  1. Clear your mind, heart, body and soul of memories that keep you from complete peace, love, and experiencing the joy of now. Say to yourself: "I choose to experience this moment fully."
  2. Connect to your higher self and the spiritual energy field in its purest form via the super conscious mind and your right brain. Experience interconnection and love for everything on this planet.
  3. Channel this energy to heal yourself and others, and to create art, music or words that flow from this inspiration source. People of all spiritual beliefs highly value the act of giving to others.

There are many tools and workshops to aid you in this three step process or you can simply decide to raise your vibration level and experience bliss right now. More specific ideas about how to do this will come later on this site. In the meantime, try the gong and Himalayan bowls. It is one path, and it worked for me.

There is no one out there but you. Everything you experience, feel, and believe is based on your perceptions and intentions. Will you choose to examine them, grow, open your heart and heal yourself or stay stuck in old patterns? You can feel bliss right this very minute if you desire.

“If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you are with.”