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These are the books on my shelf that I have found extremely useful. They have science, exercises and lots of information about how the gongs, bowls, voice and music itself can help heal the body, mind and soul.

 This book discuses vibrational healing and how the voice can help maintain our well-being.

This book is about the science of sound and how it affects us.

Want to learn about the power of personal vibration?



Jonathan Goldman discusses the voice for healing. He is a pro.


Sound Health, Sound Wealth blends science and practice for well-being.


Chant your way into Bliss with the exercises in this book.


Mitch Gaynor uses bowls with cancer patients and discusses how sound, voice and music can heal.


Step-by-step instructions in using Tibetan singing bowls for healing.


Healing and enlightenment through sound: techniques and ways to incorporate the gong in yoga practice.


Classic book about the power of music to heal the body, mind and spirit.


A classic on how to use singing bowls, tingshaws, bells and more.


Very concise and comes with a CD on sound healing.


Combines the elements of earth, fire, water, air and space with sound for healing.


Guide to healing using the voice.


Sound as a vibrational tool for self healing and higher consciousness.


One more book I recommend that is only available from the author: "Sound Healing with Gongs." this is a great book all about the gong and how to use it for healing. Buy it on her site.