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Below are some of the fascinating experiences from Judy’s Gong Meditations, other events, and private sessions.

The Rev. Neal T. Anderson, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada
 The gong was a very moving and holy part of worship. It is a blessing for you to share, Judy.

Oliver X
 The whole experience was surprisingly musical and melodic...I started to drift, propelled by the vibrational intensity...tingling me from head to toe. I felt like I was in space surrounded by sound; almost out of body. [I had a series of surreal dreams]. We felt high after the ceremony and completely relaxed.

 The Gong Meditation was A-MA-ZING. Remember, how you said that it is mental detox? I think I got detoxed a little! First, I wrote an apology letter yesterday to my old friend (I kept it inside me for about 4 years) and she wrote me back, which made me extremely happy! Second, yesterday was a first day that my stomach did not hurt for several days. Thank you for an amazing experience!

 I've had one of Judy's sound healings and it was amazing...stunning. Judy is a gifted healer!

Anne D.
 I felt a range of sensation, specifically muscle relaxation and varying temperature. The performance by Judy Strauss and her guest was intuitive and skillful; creating a beautifully blended spectrum of sounds in an experience that everyone could agree was very special.

 Thank you for the private session. It was better than any massage!! I am in love with the "magical" bowls and the gong experience. You must try this.
I highly recommend that you contact Judy for a private session.

I was blessed with an experience of a lifetime today. Thank you Judy for sharing your gongs and their amazing out of this world healing powers with me today!

Judy M.
 The gong meditations took me on a journey from my brain to my heart.
I traveled into the trees and thick forest, over streams and thru a meadow.
I became a doe, springing thru the freshly fallen snow.
Then I turned into a snow flake and sunned myself on a warm rock.
As I melted, I slid into the stream and became one with the water. I flowed over the rocks, past the fish and around the green growth.
I became more alive and filled with energy. A deep calm came over me.

I have never experienced anything like the Gong Meditations you performed! Your guided affirmation, explanation of the energy flow and breathing technique at the beginning assisted in the release of negative emotion followed by pleasant energetic sensations like I have never known! I am eagerly awaiting your next engagement and my interaction with you and your magical gongs. Thank you so much for the enlightenment.

 As the gongs approached the top of their crescendo, I lost all sense of the physical world. The vibrations from the gongs were now perceived as light rather than sound...soft white light from one gong and vibrant blue from the other one. In this whiteness shot with blue I was without boundaries. I was pure joy.

 Judy...last night's gonging was incredible. Took me so deep, shook open some old stuff and then, just filled with love...a blessing! Thank you, thanks so much. You rock Angel!!

 My body completely let go, as if I was floating on a cloud. I relaxed into a wonderful journey of infinity. I wanted to stay in that space forever.

University student 
I would like to start off my journal talking about the gong meditations…Well, it was amazing. I am not going to lie—I was very apprehensive to go at first, and then I thought: how am I going to experience new things if I don’t try them? So I went and I actually loved it, and would love to do it again! I am not much into meditating, but that was an amazing experience, I could not believe how amazing it was!! I would definitely recommend that to everyone and anybody. At first my mind was racing and I could not control my thoughts, but then I just let everything go and it was a feeling that I don’t even know if I can explain! I think I might have even fallen asleep a little, but my body could feel all of the sound waves. It was a feeling that I have never felt before! I was surprised with how many people where there! I definitely feel lighter; I mean I let go of a lot of the stress I was holding onto for no reason!

Anne W.
 The next day I felt really relaxed - I mean REALLY relaxed. It was great! I went cross country skiing in the afternoon and I was in almost a blissful state. I had a couple of stressful weeks with a sick parent and a sick cat and I can't tell you how much better I feel. I wanted you to know that the gong meditations (and the lovely company, too) had a strong and positive effect on me.

 Each of my experiences with the gong has different depending on where I am in my life at the time. A common thread is that they always put me in a deep meditative state. I always feel rested and relaxed afterward.

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