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Northern Nevada has many wonderful healing practitioners who work with sound. Gongs, bowls, voice, drumming and music can all assist the body, mind and spirit to achieve health and bliss. Below are a few practitioners with whom I have personal experiences and highly recommend.


Journey Harasin, Sound Master/ Ceremonialist and artist, plays her Gongs, Crystal and Tibetan Bowls and Chimes to create a frequency field that holds all possibilities for transformational healing.

e-mail: seejurn at sonic dot net


Becky Porter creates healing vibrations. She plays the gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, and a variety of sound devices to promote healing through vibration.

Site: The Yoga Pearl
e-mail: moonstruck7 at gmail dot com


Kate Grace (Fotopoulos). Health, finances, relationships, or job stressing you out...? I work through intuitive guidance, using tools ranging from crystal singing bowls to trauma therapy to help transform your issues into assets.

e-mail: AyurvedaKate at gmail dot com

Dean Rossi

Dean Rossi
Looking for a place to unwind and distress? Dean hosts monthly drum circles and certified in the Remo Health Rhythms program. His free circles bring people together to build community and promote wellness.


e-mail: qavdean at aol dot com


Emily Hammer

Emily Beck Hammer
has a B.A. in Vocal Performance/Pedagogy, and is a Reiki practitioner. She developed Vocal Release Therapy, which uses the sounds of the voice (through spontaneous vocalizations/toning/chanting) to release and relieve physical and emotional pain, and to balance energy blockages. No “singing” experience necessary!

emilybeckhammer at gmail dot com


Jeffrey Leep is a soul connector who works with crystal singing bowls, stones and crystals and other tools for raising frequencies. He is a professional musician and lover of life. “Ring your inner chimes to harmonize and resonate with your I AM presence and open the portals of love and light.”

Email: JLeep at CrystalLightVibrations dot com


Merrilee Burke is a Master tuning forks facilitator, an intuitive working with sacred crystal singing bowls, and a Minister of the Universal Life Church. “I invite us to open our hearts together and allow all the transformative healing possibilities for our highest good. Heal thyself.”

Email: MBurke at crystalightvibrations dot com

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