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Bowls    Himalayan Singing Bowls


            Playing the bowls in water at a Gong Camp in Hungary

Why "Himalayan?" Tibetan bowls is a popular name for these bowls. However, the metals required to make the bowls was never been available in Tibet. Instead, the bowls are made in Nepal, India and other places in the Himalayan region. So "Tibetan" is an exotic name but not really accurate (see the book "Dreamworld Tibet" by Martin Brauen for more about the bowl history).

How it feels
- When surrounded by the sound of Himalayan singing bowls, it is easy to slip into a dream-like meditative state to experience the lovely and warm harmonic vibrations. In this state, the body heals itself and inspiration comes into the right brain. It is unbelievable and must be experienced.

How they work - 
Singing bowls are often called “seated gongs” because they have very similar properties and metals as do hanging gongs. They make beautiful harmonic tones when struck gently with felt-covered sticks, or when sung by rubbing the bowl’s rim in a circular motion. Crystal singing bowls are also lovely, but do not have the harmonics created by the many metals in Himalayan bowls. Bowls do not have the loud volume possible with gongs so are generally used for individual meditation or sound therapy sessions. Bowls are placed around and on a client’s body. First they are played softly to help induce a meditative state, easing the client from a waking beta brainwave state (12 to 30 Hz.) to a slower alpha (8 to 12 Hz) and finally into a theta wave state (6-10 Hz.). Theta brainwaves occur during REM sleep and that is when it is easiest for the body to repair cells and other things out of balance. Once in this state, the healing harmonic vibrations can assist the body in healing.

Bowl massage - During this amazing experience, the practitioner places bowls around the person lying down. First we play those bowls to help the person drift into a meditative state. We also move a bowl over the body to allow the vibration to enter the energy aura. Then we strike a bowl and rub it all up and down and around the body: first the back, then arms, hands, legs and feet. It is a very soothing experience.

How to play the bowls - You can strike a bowl with a felt covered mallet, or sing it with a suede covered or wooden mallet. Use larger mallets with large bowls and smaller ones with small bowls. To sing the bowl you simply rub the mallet around the top of the bowl. It is wonderful to hold the bowl in your hand because the vibrations enter your body, as well as your mind and spirit. Be careful not to wrap your fingers around the bowl or it will muffle the marvelous sound.

What it does

- Himalayan bowls and gongs produce similar effects of assisting emotional and physical balance, and opening the right brain to inspiration from beyond the finite self. They are simply beautiful to hear and feel, with their fluttering harmonics and deep vibrating tones.

Ancient bowls
 - Ancient bowls are by far the best, not the newly manufactured brass bowls. Old bowls contain different metal alloys, and those with red copper (Li) are believed to have special healing properties. Bowls that are over 100 years old have been handled by many people and have imperfections that make the sound even richer. If you’d like an individual session using Himalayan bowls, or a combination of bowls and the gong, contact Judy. You can also purchase ancient bowls at the Path to Bliss online store. You are also welcome to have a Skype chat and see/hear the bowls before purchasing.

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