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Paiste makes the highest quality gongs in the world!

Each is made by hand and I had the honor of meeting the artists and watching them create these amazing instruments. The factory has a main work room and several areas where they store and display the gongs. It is located in Schacht Audorf near Kiel, Germany.

First, here are four of the artists, standing with me in front of an 80 inch gong which is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest handmade gong in the world. Want to see a video of Judy playing that gong (click on the image to go to YouTube)? Amazing vibrations!

Factory Gang 80 Inch gong


So how do they make these glorious instruments?

2. Paiste outsources the basic material, receiving a round, flat disk made from an alloy called nickel silver, which contains 60% copper, 20% nickel and 20% zinc. The disks are pictured below in various sizes on the shelf.

3. Next, they "warm" the disks to create the darkened area around the outside of the gong and in the center of the backside. They simply place the disk on the factory floor and use a gas burner to oxidize the metal. This is John Ohm warming the gong.

4. This is what the final burnished metal looks like.

warming metal     metai

tuning 5

5. Now, the artists turn the rim using a simple wooden block that is carved to allow the perfect rim shape. One person holds the gong and turns it while the other hammers to make the perfectly formed rim. Of course, they both wear ear plugs! They are very muscular and accurate with the strikes!

Click on the image to see the YouTube video (no ear plugs needed :-).


6. Finally, the artists fine tune the gong to a master copy. For example, they'll take the master Earth Gong and compare it to the newly made Earth to see if the tuning is right. They do this by tapping with hammers and measuring with electronic scopes and tuning forks. On the left is the final tuning station in the factory.


Ok, one more step...add the gut string for hanging -- and enter the gongs into inventory so people all over the world can purchase and play them for themselves and others while we all feel the bliss of these finely tuned instruments.

Gong Heaven at the Paiste Factory What a thrill! A big thank you to the artists for bringing us the gongs.

Copyright 2013 / Judy Strauss