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Vocal toning.
How it works. The human voice can calm or energize both speaker and listener. When you are hurt, the sound of your scream removes excess energy from your painful body, thus, lessening the pain. Your scream might have the opposite effect of energizing a nearby person who wants to help. When you feel joy, the resulting “ahhhh” brings more joy and peace inward and to those around you.

Chanting, singing, and mantras bring peace and build community when done in a group. Spiritual chanting or praying alone or with others brings a feeling of connecting to the divine. This is the basis of the famous chant: Om mani padme hum (click to hear a YouTube video of this mantra).

Chanting the Chakras. Why not try using your voice for balancing your own body? It is particularly tuned to your own needs, after all. Jonathan Goldman and Deepak Chopra both teach how to chant the chakras using Bija mantras—sacred Hindu syllables corresponding to the Western chakra system (7 energy centers). If you want to try it, sit comfortably with your back straight in a place where you won’t be interrupted. Take a few deep breaths to relax and let go of your thoughts. Then, take a breath and on the out breath make the lowest sound you can while sounding the Bija mantra for the root chakra: Lam. Imagine the vibration healing and balancing this energy center. You can put your hands on it to feel the vibration. Then as you chant each Bija mantra, move your tone up in pitch a bit until you feel that it is vibrating that chakra. The tone will be different for each person, so find the voice that heals you. When I've had a sore tummy or throat I make a tone that vibrates in that ailing area and it really soothes and helps.

Here are the mantras used for each chakra, according to expert Jonathan Goldman.

LAM for the root chakra (base of your spine)
VAM for the sacral chakra (between the navel and genitals)
RAM for the solar plexus chakra (at the navel)
YAM for the heart chakra (center of chest, even with heart)
HAM for the throat chakra (at the throat) AUM for the third eye (between the eyebrows)
AH for the crown chakra (above the head)

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